About us

Here at Kourbis Amplification, our goal has always been not just to produce a range of custom-built amplifiers, second to none, but now our range of all-tube, hand-built pedals.

Being passionate about our products, we believe that their owners will be too as we hope they will inspire musical passion and creativity.

Attention to detail, brought about by Panos Kourbis, who for years now has been devoted to producing the perfect tone with his amps, has made many happy faces and that is the reward enough. Apart from the obvious know-how and exceptional hard work that goes into his creations, a determination to offer "value for money", most of all, drove him to be so dedicated.

The Kourbis range of pedals concentrates on sound and features and our concern was not to create fireworks with external appearances. We wanted their appearance to be humble but attractive, the main goal, of course, their construction which is of the highest possible quality.  These are products, built to last.

It would be wrong to say that all of these beauties are a result of a dream come true, as Panos has never seen this as a dream, but a reality that he lives and wants others to do so too.

point to point with mustard capacitors piher resistors

The goal is from now on to widen our range, even more, with even more fantastic pedals and amplifiers. Panos is a guitarist himself, and therefore well aware of what a fellow guitarist wants to hear. All this wound up in a recipe of NOS reliable quality components, the exact same ones used for decades and have produced the British era sound from the '60s onwards, tones and sounds that are highly sort after today, custom-designed precision wound transformers, and totally hand-built point-to-point workmanship, well it speaks for itself.

Each pedal is unique, being built totally from scratch by Panos himself. No better guarantee
could be offered.

Kourbis Amplification would also like to thank you for doing us the honor of checking out our website and products on offer.

three channel hand built tube amplifier with loop ,midi