12ax7 tube guitar pedal

Cockney Riot – UK hard rock sound from `80s/`90s

Cockney Riot is the latest addition to our all-tube hand-build preamp pedal series, which has been designed to create the most recognizable hard rock sounds that came out of the UK from the late ’70s to early ’90s.

The use of two 12XA7 tubes, working in the range of the normal amp plate voltages, gives you the feeling of playing a real tube amp.

With its extreme dynamic range, refined attack, gutsy lows, well-defined mids, and sparkling highs, it picks up where the PlexiVibe left off, shining through a wide range of tones, from light crunch all the way to super high gain.

Built like a tank, it features a powerful 3-gain stage architecture and a tightly focused EQ section.  Additional EQ and drive tweaking switches such as “bright”, “mid-boost”, “shape” and “comp” allow the most demanding players to dial in a full palette of dream tones, making the Cockney Riot a top contender in the high-end boutique pedal league.  From Hendrix to Clapton, ZZ Top to Van Halen, and some AC/DC and Ozzy tones in between, the Cockney Riot delivers the goods in spades, whether you are playing blues, hard rock, or heavy metal.


RETAIL PRICE    440 Euros

Twin12ax7 tube preamp pedal


GAIN - Controls the gain level, from mild crunch to higher distortion sounds.

BASS - Controls the bottom end in your tone by adjusting the low frequencies.

MIDDLE - Adjusts the mid frequencies from fatter to scooped. Increasing the middle gives you fatter sound, whereas reducing the middle gives you sharper, classic “scooped” tone.

TREBLE - Controls the high frequencies, making your tone brighter as you increase it.

VOLUME - In conjunction with the gain control a variety of sounds can be achieved.

MASTER - Controls the output volume level.

MODE - 3 way center off bright switch to the volume knob.

Twin 12ax7 tube preamp pedal


On/off bright switch on the gain knob.

2-way centre-off switch that helps to shape the sound a little more.

On/off power switch.

Ground/Lift switch helps to eliminate any ground loops.

Twin 12ax7 tube preamp pedal

The top 2-way rocker switch gives a mid boost making your sound fatter.

The 2nd 2-way center-off rocker switch adds extra gain and compression to the sound depending on its position, giving you two stages of extra sonic palette.