12ax7 tube preamp pedal

One Armed Bandit

From classic American creamy warm break-up to a glorious harmonic-laden overdrive, the One Armed Bandit is ready for anything from rock to blues to metal and beyond. This powerful “pedal” gives you the touch sensitivity and glorious harmonic richness that will highlight every nuance of your performance.

Hand-made and built like a tank, the One Armed Bandit can take you from tones, both US and British high gain, with a few tweaks of its powerful controls and switches.  Its clarity and warmth cut through the mix without compromise in tone or dimension.

It is equally great whether slightly over-driving a clean amp, or sending an over-driven amp over the edge and can be used as a drive pedal in front of your amp, or directly into your effects loop return, replacing your amps’ pre-amp section.


RETAIL PRICE    440 Euros

12ax7 tube preamp pedal


GAIN - Controls the gain level, from mild crunch to higher distortion sounds.

BASS - Controls the bottom end of your tone by adjusting the low frequencies.

MIDDLE - Adjusts middle frequencies, making them fatter sounding when increased.

TREBLE - Controls the high frequencies, making your tone brighter as you increase it.

VOLUME - In conjunction with the gain control, a variety of sounds can be achieved.

MASTER - Controls the output volume level.

MODE - 3-way switch that changes the gain structure and tone of the pedal in each position.



On/off bright switch on the gain knob.

On/off power switch.

Ground/Lift switch helps to eliminate any ground loops.

One Armed Bandit tube preamp pedal front

contour switch.

On/off mid-boost switch.